Ignition Key Replacement

Ignition Key Replacement

Texas Crown Towing provides an excellent service for people that need ignition key replacement. Towing is a useful and essential service when you have car troubles. You might have faced the problem of losing your keys and not being able to start your car. We help you with ignition key replacement when this happens. We can also help you with low-cost flat tow truck services as well as other various roadside assistance services that are necessary if you are breaking down or running out of fuel on the road.

Keys can sometimes get lost or stuck in the ignition and your key may no longer work. We can deal with situations like these as well as whole locks being replaced.

Our Ignition Key Replacement Services:

  • Installing a new ignition system

  • Reprogramming the car’s locks

  • Lost key replacement

  • Fixing broken key in ignition issues

  • Restoring broken transponder chips in keys by reprogramming

  • Picking the car locks

Types of keys

If you need a new ignition key, it’s important to know what type of key you need. There are two common types: the standard and the smart key. A standard key is just like it sounds – it has all of the functions that most cars have, like locking and unlocking doors. The smart key has a few more features, like remote starting and locking/unlocking doors remotely.

You can rest assured that we are expert problem solvers. We’ve been providing vehicle assistance to drivers across the Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and Galveston area for many years and have a wide range of expertise to draw from when you need us most. We use only the best and most modern technology. This ensures our work can be carried out quickly and safely. Your vehicle will be given the utmost care and consideration to prevent any unnecessary damage to the workings or paintwork.

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Our specialized equipment and technical know-how will ensure your car is fixed fast and remains in the best possible condition. We make sure our personnel is kept up to date with industry developments. With our years of experience, we can fix any ignition key issue that you may have. We offer modern solutions for just about any of your auto parts needs.